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I know what industry I want to focus on and how I am going to get there, I’m ready to take action.

You can use this website to find current apprenticeship opportunities and read provider professionals to learn more about what employers are looking for and offer on their apprenticeship programmes.

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This is the government website where companies post the apprenticeship vacancies they have available and where people are able to apply for them. 

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Indeed is a website where you can find jobs, there are over 250 million users every month. Lots of employers post their jobs here because they are free to post. 

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UCAS is the website you use to research and apply for University in the UK. It has all the courses in one place. You can pick and apply to 5 courses/universities.

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Total jobs is another place you can look for job roles, employers have to pay to put their jobs on here so it is a slightly different variety to what you will find on indeed.

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Remember, each employer will have their own careers section on the website so you can also use these to research job roles at particular companies. Here are a few:

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