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Our Story

The Careers People was formally known as "The Careers Lady". Started by our Founder, Jessica Pieri, in 2018. Jess soon realised that there was a high demand for quality careers guidance, far more demand that she could manage alone!

The Careers People was born and now consists of a collective of careers professionals working together to support Schools, Young People, Employers and Education Companies across the UK. 

What makes our company different?

Our experience in schools means that we understand the challenges they face. Factors that those in business may not have considered.


Budget restrictions, limited IT access, inability to book large spaces in schools and teachers not providing consistent delivery are just some of the things careers professionals in schools have to contend with whilst planning their careers inputs.


This understanding combined with our creativity and legislative knowledge allows us to create products, write workshops and invent programmes for schools that really resonate with students, and help careers professionals.


We're passionate about helping students on their journey. This is at the heart of everything we do.

What makes our Careers Guidance different?

  • No cutting corners - full guidance for every student based on them and their needs

  • Every student leaves their appointment with a personalised action plan

  • We never meet with more than 6 students in one day as we find that we lose our spark! 

  • Holistic approach to overcome barriers

  • Our approach is shaped from a background in Apprenticeship & Early Careers Recruitment

  • Level 6 qualified advisors who have all completed TCP training

  • Every advisor is from a different background but we have one thing in common; we are passionate about supporting young people on their journeys

Who do we work with?

Our main clientele are schools, we have a range of products and services designed to make Careers Professional's working in schools lives easier. Alongside this, we also work with education companies such as UCAS, Not Going to Uni and Careers in Sport and employers to help them better engage with students and schools. Our third client base is made up of other careers education companies such as Cre8tive Resource and MYPATH who we support by creating careers education resources for.

Where do we work?

We support education companies, careers companies and employers nationally on a virtual basis.


When it comes to schools and colleges, our guidance services are only available in select regions. However, we have a range of products that are available nationally. This map shows where our current school clients are based.

Where do The Careers People work - UK map
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