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Careers Guidance

Our Careers Guidance isn't a one off, 20 minute, boring meeting with someone you never see again.

When we put together the framework for our Careers Guidance offer to schools, we kept asking ourselves "what makes it different?". The answer is the process.

1. Before your guidance calls start, you will have access to an introduction and "what to expect" video to share with the relevant year group(s) to help them prepare

2. During the meeting, we utilise a range of creative tools and techniques to personalise our support to the young person. We don't just read questions and provide information, it's SO much more more than that!

3. Every student leaves the call with an action plan that you will also have access to. Every meeting with each student is 45 minutes long. If you want a shorter meeting, we aren't the provider for you. 

Student Doing Homework

"Miss Cook goes above and beyond for every pupil in our school to ensure that they have the brightest future ever. She’s motivated me when I’ve lost all motivation, she’s explained university to me countless times and she’s always believed in me. Careers? Miss Cook. Advice? Miss Cook. A pick me up chat? Miss Cook. She is simply outstanding.”

- Kacey, Student at United College Sixth Form

Video Call

How does it work?

They're all different. Every school, every student, every action plan.

That's why we do not offer a "one size fits all" approach to our careers guidance packages.

The first step is to book a call, once we have spoken and we have more information about your requirements, we can then provide you with a quote.

Join the schools already receiving careers guidance packages...

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