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Schools Newsletter

Our newsletter is completely branded as your school. It's impartial and includes LMI so can form part of your Gatsby Benchmark evidence.

The Careers Newsletter is a collation of information from employers and universities across the UK. As well as including opportunities from these organisations, it also has a weekly “job of the week”, Labour Market Information Fact, Employer Spotlight and Uni Spotlight.


Each feature aims to expand young people’s knowledge of the careers landscape, LMI and HE.

The newsletter costs £200 per academic year, that's £5.12 per week. Less than the time it would take you to make it. We think this is what is known as a "no brainer"!

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How does it work?

Once you have subscribed, we will contact you for a copy of your school logo and the best email address to go at the bottom of your newsletter.

You will receive your school's copy of your newsletter every Thursday. It can be sent as a PDF or via Canva. If shared via Canva, you are then able to make your own changes, such as adding regional events.

You can then send your newsletter to your students and parents, add it to your website and, of course, save it as part of your Gatsby Benchmark evidence.

Join the schools already receiving their newsletter...

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