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11 uni workshops

We've been through all the workshops we could find on offer from UK Universities. These are the ones that we thought looked the best! We haven't included any of the standard "Intro to X university" or "How to apply" - we've gone for the ones that look a bit different.

Please note; we have not seen all these workshops in action.

  1. Taste Test Challenge by CU Scarborough - A fun introduction to budgeting, where students can try own brand and high-end brands and see if they can tell the difference!

  2. Paradise Park Business Game Accounting in a theme park by Birmingham City University - OIn this CIMA business game you will develop your decision-making skills and commercial awareness. Working together in small groups, you will use of a range of financial and non-financial data to make decisions on the design and build of a new theme park ride.

  3. Stepping into Study by Lancaster University - This session helps students develop key skills and expertise that they will find of use both in Sixth Form/College or at university.

  4. Study abroad and placement opportunities by University of East Anglia - University degrees have lots to offer beyond the standard three-year course. In this session, we’ll discuss what it’s like to study abroad or take a work placement year, where students could go, the benefits of both and the support that’s available.

  5. Creating narrative by Arts University Plymouth - Behind every piece of creative work is a story. This masterclass will teach you how to use storytelling as the basis for your work, by creating a short story using mixed media and processes. This workshop is relevant to disciplines including fashion, illustration, graphic design, photography and costume.

  6. Journey Through The Screens: Media Tourism Uncovered by University of Sunderland - Imagine being able to step into your favourite movie scenes, explore the locations of iconic TV shows or even venture into the worlds of your most beloved video games – all from the comfort of our brand-new Simulation Suite. Our innovative workshop takes you on a thrilling adventure through the captivating realm of Media Tourism, using cutting-edge VR headsets.

  7. Discover Manufacturing Engineering - How is your mobile phone manufactured? by Coventry University - It can be difficult for students to understand the foundations and principles underpinning lean and agile manufacturing without first-hand experience. In this session, students will have the chance to experience the principles by themselves to get a feeling for how it all works. By playing the LEGO Kanban (JIT) game, students have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience without physically entering a workshop. The fun of the game will focus on the material flow in a pre-defined timeframe and system. This will show how to get from an existing process to a Kanban streamline system, along with visualisation and modifying working under time constraints.

  8. ‘Strategy sets the scene for the tale’: Stagecraft and design by University of Reading - Looking at the more recent Eras Tour, it is difficult to ignore Fuller as an influential figure in Swift’s stage design, especially the Folklore set, from lighting techniques to costuming, and of course, dance. This webinar will explore stage design, including costuming and lighting, through the lens of choreography using Beckett’s Godot and Swift’s Eras Tour. The webinar will include video footage, images and interactive games to explore these topics. 

  9. Be Inspired - Lincoln School of Computer Science by University of Lincoln - In this activity, the students will be able to program their own game! They will start with a predefined template game that they will have to fill in order to make the character move, collect coins, fight with enemies, etc. No programming knowledge is required, you will find plenty of snippet examples to integrate in your game!

  10. Tackling Climate Change and Emergent Geographies by University of Greenwich - This lecture, delivered by Dr Angus McNelly, critically analyses current attempts to tackle climate change through socio-technical shifts from fossil fuels to green technology. It demonstrates how green transitions are underpinned by material processes of extraction, as new technologies are more metal and mineral intensive than their fossil fuel counterparts. In doing so, it will make students think about the broader and sometimes hidden political and economic aspects behind the drive to cut global fossil fuel emissions. As such, it will introduce potential Business, Economics and Politics and International Relations students to how they might study one of the major societal challenges of our time.

  11. English Taster Sessions by University of South Wales - Learn about where it’s come from, where it’s going, how it’s made, and what you can do about it. This interactive session from a practising journalist and lecturer includes a lively talk with a group exercise to test your ability to tell truth from lies - and a discussion about how you can help fight the fakes.

Using UniTasterDays, you can find LOADS of other uni events that are bookable by teachers... Share, book, enjoy! Check back tomorrow for our nextinstallment of our Christmas Campaign; 10 employer opportunities.

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