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7 book recommendations

In 2022, we started posting book reviews on TCP Instagram page. They didn't get a huge amount of engagement so we focused our time on other forms of content.

However, books definitely have a huge role in CPD for RCDPs. Here are some of our favourites that we'd recommend having, and keeping as they're great to refer back to and lend to clients/students.

This book reframes dysfunctional beliefs (could also be called myths or barriers) and gives you actionable ways you can work with clients to reframe their thoughts about themselves and/or their career. This includes worksheets that you can remake digitally and use in your practice.

If you're looking for actionable take aways and visuals that can help you take complex theories and use them in your day to day guidance practice, this is the book for you.

The workplace is changing at rapid pace. Forget climbing the career ladder, modern careers are now Squiggly! This book provides a guide on how to manage an ever changing workplace and career opportunities.

This self help book for job seekers is packed with practical advice and exercises to help individuals find work that aligns with their values, skills, and interests. It is revised and updated annually.

This book focuses on how to explore career paths that match your values and morals, shining a spotlight on what meaningful work might mean to you. It's a great read and also one you can recommend/share with students.

Are you chasing happiness when you should be chasing fulfillment? What really is the difference? This book shares the belief that things that come easily do not provide the greatest fulfillment and focuses on how you can use your struggles as gifts to move forward with your life and career.

Achieve more by focusing on less. I was reluctant to include this book as it is more of a "life coach" style recommendation than careers. However, the small habits we do every day impact our overall happiness. Getting the small things right will ultimately help you make bigger decisions with ease. I like how practical this book is and has suggestions that can be easily implemented.

We hope you've been tempted to buy or download at least one of these! Tomorrow's post will cover 6 terms of newsletters.

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