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The Careers People invited to speak at the UCAS Teachers and Advisers Conference 2024

Our Founder, Jessica Pieri was honoured to be asked to speak at the 2024 UCAS Teachers and Advisers Conference this week. The talk was fully booked with 80 CDPs and Teachers in the room to learn about Careers in the Curriculum.

Jess spoke about how to analyse what is already happening across departments, embed a whole school approach to delivering careers in the classroom and how to best share ideas between departments.

The talk included the following ideas:

  • Using a career audit document to understand what is already happening. Here is free copy of the audit document that you can amend and use in your setting.

Department Careers Audit
Download DOCX • 10KB
  • Rolling out a Career Champion network so you have a "go to" person in each department

  • Termly meetings with Careers Champions to discuss what is happening, share best practice and update on programme plans for the following term

  • Staff posters on doors to show their previous career(s) before teaching

  • A tutor time quiz based on the posters

  • Embedded a careers brand within the school

  • Using your school's apprenticeship levy to upskill Careers Champions to become Careers Advisers

  • Introducing a trips card to encourage students to think about what job roles they had encountered on their trip

Feedback from the session has been great, with a lot of Advisers, Teachers and School Leaders stating that it was refreshing to hear from someone authentic who has clearly been on the ground recently experiencing similar challenges to their own.

You can see a "behind the scenes" video of Jess's day on The Careers People Instagram page.

Following the talk, Jess has been asked to do further talks for a University's Adviser training day and a Private School's staff training day so you'll hopefully see more "good news" posts from us soon (potentially with more freebie resources!).

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