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6 terms of newsletters

This is our first post within the Christmas campaign that is less of an advice/recommendation post and more of a product overview.

If you are a Careers Professional who receives 9027202 emails with opportunities every week but doesn't have the time to read them, vet them and share them with your students, PLEASE read on as this is the perfect product for you.

For 39 weeks of the year across 6 terms, we create a newsletter branded as 98 (and rising each week!) different schools. They then send this newsletter to whichever stakeholders they see fit, including; teachers, parents/carers and students.

Here are some of the key features of the newsletter:

  • The newsletter includes opportunities from employers and universities as well as an LMI fact and job role, university & employer of the week.

  • No one can pay to be in the newsletter so it is completely impartial and we will only include opportunities that we think students will benefit from.

  • You can have your email address on the bottom of the newsletter so students can get in touch with you if they have questions or need support.

  • You can receive the newsletter as a PDF that's ready to send or a Canva link which you can edit before sending. This allows you to add any regional events you want your students to know about.

  • The newsletter is in your inbox by end of play Thursday, ready to be sent out on the Friday.

Here are some thoughts of the Careers Professionals already using the newsletter:

  1. "The weekly careers newsletter is a fantastic resource which has really complimented our Careers Programme at school and has a universal appeal. It also looks good too!" - Sarah, Assistant Head at Stroud High School

  2. "Jess has been providing us with weekly newsletters for over a year now. This frees up valuable time for me and our students benefit as they have access to up to date information covering a whole range of areas from post-16 to LMI and beyond! I would thoroughly recommend." - Danielle, Progression Office/Careers Adviser at Bradon Forest School

  3. "We have been using Jessica’s Careers Newsletter since September 2021, it has been really informative and a great link to our parents. We have been able to communicate regularly with parents, informing them of Labour Market information regularly through the LMI section in the newsletter which has helped us to achieve some of our Gatsby Benchmarks. The ready made letter has made life as a careers leader much easier and given me more time to work with my students. Jessica has been prompt and helpful and great to liaise with. I have recommended her newsletter to many other schools in our local area." - Megan Kennedy, Assistant Headteacher, St Wilfrid’s Catholic School

  4. "We have recently signed up to the careers letter and really value its impact. The newsletter provides up to date and interesting information. The branding created for our newsletter really creates an impression of a personalised newsletter. We’re pleased that we have signed up to it." – Robert Hodges, Careers Leader at Neatherd

You can view an example and purchase the newsletter for your school here.

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