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 Teacher Training 

Gatsby Benchmark 4: 
Linking curriculum learning to careers

Writing, implementing and analysing the results of your Careers Programme for students is one thing. Getting teachers on board to support you with BM4 is another. It can be difficult, but we find there's one thing that helps...

You're working towards a common goal; you all want your students to have positive, successful futures.

Our Teacher's Training is run by Jess, our Founder. Jess has successfully implemented careers programmes in a number of schools, sixth forms and alternative training provisions. In addition to this, she has delivered training for Not Going to Uni, UniTasterDays and The Careers and Enterprise Company. 

Our BM4 Teacher Training sessions covers:

  • Professional research about the importance of careers education

  • Breaking down the benchmark wording of "what good looks like"

  • Educating your teaching staff on what Ofsted will expect and how they can prepare

  • Encouraging your teachers to share best practice of what is working for them

  • Giving tried and tested ways they can implement careers links into their schemes of work

  • We have a slide within the presentation that we ask you to add content to, the aim is to tell your teachers what else happens in the careers programme and where/how they can support you

Required time: 1 hour

Recommended follow up task: Teachers use their schemes of work to plan where they are going to implement careers links + complete a survey for you to tell them what they are already doing and what they plan to implement

Cost: £295 (you may be able to have this cost covered by your Careers Hub)

Delivery: Virtual - this allows you to record the session and use it with new staff that join your school

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